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  • Photobomb X

    Cool but the photobomber might want to check his eyes now for radiation.


  • Mortal Kombat X-Ray Action

    This is so cool – you can actually see the bones breaking.

  • X-Ray of a lightning

    A camera capturing photos at 1/6th of the speed of light captured this x-ray photo of a lightning. Awesome!

  • High Heels X-Ray

    Why do women torture themselves?

  • X-Ray Service

    An advert for X-Ray service. Check out the image on the left, it is Homer Simpson’s head. Either they are using that as a joke or the printing company was asked to use their own image, which in turn they went to google image search.

  • Foot Binding Deformity

    Foot binding was a custom practised by young girls in China starting in the 10th century until 1911 when it was banned. There are still elderly women who suffered permanent disability and deformed feet.

    Update 2011: It must be said footbinding is an early form of cosmetic plastic surgery, sort of like a facelift without anesthesia. We’re lucky we live in a day and age when a Heidi Montag can undergo facelift, Botox injection, cheek liposuction, etc. in a single day, suffering only from an empty pocket.

    It’s just mind boggling how people from the olden days see these as a source of beauty.

    Still look beautiful now? Her foot looks like a shoe made from human skin!

    An X-Ray of a bound feet. It’s not the same feet as the previous pics.



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