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Turtle Climbs Fence

Seriously, I didn’t know turtles can do this! I wish I could see how the turtle started its climb from the bottom. The video uploader said that the turtle did get across the fence...

Building a Turtle

I could never be this patient and work with wires to build a turtle… but kudos to this guy.


Cute little turtles

The only known picture of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles before they turned mutant.

litter hurts big turtle

Litter hurts

My heart breaks just looking at this picture.


Cool Turtle’s Birthday

Cool and cute… what is the shape of that cake? Carrot?

Turtle eating pigeon

At first, I was amazed + shocked to see the following clip, as I thought turtles only eat plants and vegetables (like our turtle pet). However, a quick googling taught me that some turtles...