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  • Bring Your Own Alligator

    Bob forgot to ride on his pet today.

  • Turtle Climbs Fence

    Seriously, I didn’t know turtles can do this! I wish I could see how the turtle started its climb from the bottom.

    The video uploader said that the turtle did get across the fence unfortunately not while he was filming it.

  • Help! I’m being turtle-napped!

    omg this turtle is so cute eventhough it looks like it’s yelling for help.


  • Building a Turtle

    I could never be this patient and work with wires to build a turtle… but kudos to this guy.

  • Cute little turtles

    The only known picture of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles before they turned mutant.

  • Snail on turtle

  • Litter hurts

    My heart breaks just looking at this picture.
    litter hurts big turtle

  • Cool Turtle’s Birthday


    Cool and cute… what is the shape of that cake? Carrot?


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