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Someone is confused with the 3 Armstrongs

Can someone be this ignorant and/or stupid? Probably just a clever troll. Learn them; Neil Armstrong has just passed away. Lance Armstrong the cyclist was stripped of his title. Louis Armstrong was the great...

Eternal source of power for free

No more electric bills to pay! And all these while I’ve been plugging them to the wall socket! Grrrr. Do you realize that the guy has been speaking English since the start of the...

Dixie Normous

Hmmmmmmmm… Probably a relative of Mike Litoris..

Coco and some Korean girls

Conan O’Brien trolling some South Korean girls. Watch the full clip below, it’s really funny.


Disguisable Weapons

The troll from dontevenreply.com has come up with another masterpiece, this time replying to an ad which was looking for “disguisable weapons”. The first weapon he sent is a spoon stuck together with a...