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  • Someone is confused with the 3 Armstrongs

    Can someone be this ignorant and/or stupid? Probably just a clever troll.

    Learn them;
    Neil Armstrong has just passed away.
    Lance Armstrong the cyclist was stripped of his title.
    Louis Armstrong was the great jazz trumpeter.

  • Eternal source of power for free

    No more electric bills to pay!

    And all these while I’ve been plugging them to the wall socket! Grrrr.

    Do you realize that the guy has been speaking English since the start of the video? I assume this is an Indian troll :)

  • Dixie Normous


    dixie normous

    Probably a relative of Mike Litoris..

  • Look – money under the keyboard

    The joke’s on who? Who’s holding a paper money with the top corner missing? Might be worthless now.

    paper money troll

  • Coco and some Korean girls

    Conan O’Brien trolling some South Korean girls.

    Watch the full clip below, it’s really funny.

  • Cat Trolls Dog

    Cat 1, Dog 0

    cat trolls dog

  • Worst Name or A Great News Trolling?

    Don’t get it? Say his name out loud and without any pause.

  • Disguisable Weapons

    The troll from has come up with another masterpiece, this time replying to an ad which was looking for “disguisable weapons”. The first weapon he sent is a spoon stuck together with a knife using a duct tape haha.

    Here’s the first few round of emails with the picture.

    Original ad:
    **** Disguisable weapons wanted ****
    Wanted: hidden blades, belt buckle knives, cane swords, etc…..
    Offering: cash, items for barter

    From Me to **********@***********.org:


    I saw your ad looking for concealable/disguised weapons. I have several fine-crafted items you may be interested in. Respond if you are interested and I will send you pictures and prices.



    From Jeff ****** to Me:

    I am. lets see what you got.

    From Me to Jeff ******:


    Here you go:

    Looks like a normal spoon, right?

    Wrong. It is actually a deadly 2.5″ half-smooth, half-serrated knife with tactical grip. One minute you are enjoying a bowl of cereal, and the next you are fighting off attackers with this deadly and disguised weapon.

    I am asking $50 for the blade. Let me know if you want to stop by and take a look at it.


    From Jeff ****** to Me:

    that is stupid as hell and looks like crap. unless you have anything better to offer, dont waste my time.


    Read the full “conversation” on his site!


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