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Bumblebee Crash During Transformers 3 Filming

The much-loved banana yellow Camaro aka Bumblebee couldn’t transform in time and was involved in an accident with a police SUV responding to an emergency call. The police car was passing through the street...


Transforming USB Flash Memory

Cool! I want one! Priced at $44.95, you can get it here but currently it is out of stock.

It’s Bumblebee

Nice! My son would love this costume!

Megan Fox has toe thumbs

Sometimes you have to pity these celebrities, even the smallest mistakes or flaw can be full page report in a magazine. This flaw however made it to Google trends over the weekend (Google trends...


Segway Army

Not sure how this can help them dodge any bullets or shoes – unless it’s jet-propelled. You know what would be cool? If those segway can transform into a grenade launcher or something. AUTOBOTS...