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  • How Cheetah Feels About The Tourists

    Yeah – I think it wants these people to stop coming into his domain and taking pictures of him.

  • Bungee Jumping Horror – Cord Snapped!

    Miraculously – she survived the fall!

  • Elephant Surprise Anal

    This elephant can’t resist the butt hole in front of it. It sure made the tourists red-faced laughing.

    BTW, look at the elephant’s penis! WOAH.

  • Tourists look like idiots

    Sure they look like idiots from here but when the picture is out, it’s cool to do that :) If I get to stand in front of the Pisa, I will do that too!

  • In Malaysia, Badminton is NOT boring

    Apparently 2 tourists got this message very clear when they were assaulted by locals after they changed the channel showing the badminton singles final between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan.

    GEORGE TOWN: Two foreigners learned the hard way that they should never interrupt sports fans watching a live telecast.

    The two were assaulted in separate incidents at a bistro in Pengkalan Weld and a hotel in Jalan Macalister when they meddled with television sets that were tuned to the Beijing Olympics badminton finals on Sunday between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan of China.

    At the bistro, a 54-year-old Frenchman was assaulted by two men while the hotel saw a 25-year-old Swede beaten by another man.

    Northeast district police chief Assistant Commissioner Azam Abdul Hamid said the foreigners were punched and had bottles thrown at them.

    “The Frenchman sustained minor head injuries while the Swede had multiple bruises on his body.”


    If they changed the channel when Chong Wei was trailing 12-1 in the second set they wouldn’t have been assaulted.


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