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  • How to defend yourself against an attacker

    This self-defence video has me in laughter, especially the last move when he has to use his fingers to force the attacker let go of the gun.

  • Funny nervous little boy with a football

    He can’t figure out which leg is his strongest yet or he just doesn’t know how to kick. Cute and funny haha.

    *gif animation

    little boy football

  • Toddler Ninja Found

    This kid is a ninja, see how nonchalantly he walked past the dangerously spinning hula hoop.

  • Indonesian toddler on 40 sticks a day


  • Cute Little Lady

    Why is it always cute if you put on adults dresses on little kids?

  • I hate sandcastles

    Hehehe – angry expression but turned cute as shown by this toddler. At least not as creepy as disaster girl (below) which started off a meme.


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