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  • Tip: Don’t fart during surgery


    However this happened while the guy is not concious – unfortunate but funny.

  • Hero Doctor

    A doctor in Italy bravely completed a brain surgery eventhough he suffered a heart attack halfway through. Even with the pain in his chest, he continued on as he knows if he stopped, the patient could never recover.

    An Italian doctor completed a brain operation despite having a heart attack after realizing his patient would never recover if he stopped the surgery.

    Surgeon Claudio Vitale started feeling pains in his chest half way through the operation but refused to stop despite his team’s urging and the pain worsening.

    After finishing the surgery, the doctor had an angioplasty operation to treat his attack.

    Vitale insists he’s not a hero, but that he couldn’t leave the patient “at such a delicate moment.”

    Both doctor and patient are recovering.

    Not sure if he did the angioplasty operation on himself after finishing off with the brain surgery hehe.



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