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The Avengers – Trailer

The Avengers’ first proper trailer – so cool! Can’t wait for this one!

Pope Mobile

If Marvel ever created a Pope super hero then this would be the Pope Mobile!


Storm Trooper Ambush

A cute picture of a storm trooper planning an ambush at Supergirl. Make that mini-super girl. Little does he know that Supergirl was taking her wall-detonating bomb from her ankle pouch.

What happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas

I’m sure Batman and Spidey didn’t want the public to see this. Fortunately for this photographer, he managed to snap it without them noticing, otherwise it would’ve been a living hell with 2 superheroes...


In the ocean world, he fights crimes – he is, the BATCRAB! If you didn’t see it, check out his shadow… it resembles Batman!

We all know who will win this race

We all know he will win, but why is he on the starting line-up, he should be standing at the back to give the other guys a headstart!