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  • CCTV footage of a cruise liner in heavy seas

    Check out this video footage of a cruise liner experiencing some really heavy seas. Quite terrifying. There was a lady who smashed her face against the column – she looked dazed after that.

    Fortunately the guy in the warehouse turned back as the ship tilted or he might be crushed by the forklift and the other big objects. The following video shows how the liner is from the outside, though this is a different ship.

    From one of the commenters: This is the Grand´╗┐ Voyager which was caught´╗┐ in a freak storm off Menorca in summer of 2007 with 700 pax. aboard A wave smashed windows on the bridge which damaged engine controls causing loss of power until engine room personnel could restart and bring the ship head to seas. The navies of Italy, Spain and France scrambled vessels and helicopters. The Med. is a treacherous sea where winds from Europe and Africa collide unpredictably.

  • Apocalyptic Storm Front

    A video capturing an awesome but scary looking clouds coming over a beach in Finland (I think) which was originally posted here. Then somebody combined it with Zack Hemsey’s Mind Heist (music for Inception trailer) and we have an even awesomer video!

    Click here to watch it*


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