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High Rendezvous

This is guy was climbing the high tower when he saw a familiar face, well not face, familiar mask up there. Don’t worry, nobody got hurt in the video but my palm was sweaty...

What happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas

I’m sure Batman and Spidey didn’t want the public to see this. Fortunately for this photographer, he managed to snap it without them noticing, otherwise it would’ve been a living hell with 2 superheroes...

James Franco Is Actually A Superhuman

James Franco, who rose to fame (internationally) after acting in the Spiderman movies, is really a genius and a superhuman. His wiki page states that he posses “an unusually high metabolism for productivity…a superhuman...

Spiderman is retired and now pulling rickshaw

A rickshaw spider-man is taking his passengers on an enjoyable rides in the streets of New York. This is one rickshaw I have to avoid as I have motion sickness. source

Funny hero

I’m sure I’ve seen this picture somewhere before but I can’t remember where. Made in Malaysia of course.