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  • Girl with animal sounds talent

    Her talent is awesome, mixed with her cute smile it makes her more adorable… I’m really impressed with the parrot sound at the end!

  • Normal Day Trick Shots

    A compilation of trick shots – cool skill.

  • Japanese Kid Plays Soccer Like A Ninja

    Awesome skills! Don’t miss his goal at 2:53.

    If there’s anything this kid should learn, is that soccer is a teamwork game. A lot of the time it seems he depended on himself entirely to get a goal. If he keeps on doing that, his other teammates will slowly drift away and sit at the bench.

  • Awesome Female Freestyler

    Her name is Melody Donchet from France. He skills? Freestyle football.

    Prepared to be awed.

  • The girl? Really cute! The skill? Really gross!

    Coke should get her to make an advert or something.

    She will gain weight if she keeps on jugging coke to show off her skills.

  • Awesome ambidextrous drawing skills

    Not only he commands both of his left and right hand, he did the drawing while looking downwards! This guy is amazing!


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