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Animal Prints: Yes and No

Animals prints on children? Cute. Animals prints on elderly? I need eye-candy!

Did You Hear A Click?

Humans are cute and adorable, especially when they are babies and seniors like these.. I thought they would get into a fight but they didn’t.. funny stuff.

Fencing Re-enactment

Probably they’re re-enacting how they used to fight in the medieval times.


Creepy PSA

The text underneath says “Over 50% of all suicides are commited by senior citizens”.

Don’t mess with senior citizens

especially if their t-shirt says “I am a motherf**ker”. The black dude in the following video learnt the hard way about messing with a tall, old white dude on a transit bus. Do you...

Twitter Via Fax

Wow – a creative service to cater for the old wife.