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  • Samurai Leaf

    Someone stumbled upon what seems to be a samurai made by pieces of leaves.


  • How to win at fencing

    Appropriate title – how to get banished from the fencing forever.

  • Samurai

    Somebody mixed up their historical culture. Here’s a costume of a “samurai” that has the Knights Templar’s cross.. hmmm.

    samurai costume mixed up

  • Cute Japanese Samurai Girl

    Her antics at the end really makes her look like an anime cartoon or something..

  • Samurai Outfit made in Milwaukee

    still cool though.

    samurai outfit

  • Samurai Granny

    samurai granny kicks soldiers ass
    Meet Keiko Wakabayshi, a 77-year old grandmother who was hired by the Italian military to teach their soldiers martial arts.

    She only stands at 5ft but she is able to sweep the floor using built-up bodies of mostly 6ft Italian elite paratroopers.

    She’s a master of jujitsu, judo, kendo, kenjutsu and karate. She herself is a descendant of a samurai warrior family and her master is another samurai warrior by the name of Kisshomaru Ueshiba, who’s grandfather founded the Japanese martial art aikido.

    samurai granny kicks soldiers ass
    Her motto is “Don’t think it’s unbelievable” and judging by the bodies she flung, she’s living her motto.

    I hope the soldiers adapt this motto too quick or they’ll be catcalls of them being floored by a granny during their martial arts classes.

    News links:
    Italian soldiers floored by 77-year-old Japanese woman
    Jujitsu master, 77, trains paratroopers


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