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  • How to handle a robbery – Rotterdam style

    A robber got into a pub waving a gun in the air… well you have to watch the video to see what happen.

    The robber should have fired a shot to the ceiling if he meant to use it…

  • USD5 Million Robbery Heist on Video

    Yeah I know there are tons of robbery caught on video but this robbery in Sweden saw these guys grabbed USD5 million in Swedish kronar. Nothing they used is too-awesome I’d say, but they did use a chopper to land on top of the building and a high-powered chainsaw to break through the safe.

    Oh, they also had a longgggggggggg ladder.

    10 guys have been arrested and their trial will start soon, but officials say most of the money has not been found. Ah goodie, if they all go to jail, there will be some treasure hunting among their friends and relatives.


  • How to do the sleeper hold

    A mugger failed in his attempt as he was knocked out by a sleeper hold by his intended victim. Now that’s a good situation to use the sleeper hold. The following videos show you how to do a sleeper hold, which basically temporarily stop blood flow to the brain. Warning – this is a dangerous move as you can inflict brain damage or death to your victim if the blood flow is cut off too long.


  • Seagal buys a drink

    What happens when Steven Seagal goes out to buy a drink? He will spoil a robbery without even knowing it.

    All hail Seagal.


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