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  • Wozniak Remembering Jobs

    Together, they changed the world.

  • Posthumous Jobs and Gates meme

    Probably for the last time?

    jobs gates posthumous

  • RIP Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs passed away just weeks after resigning from Apple – I guess he (or his doctors) knew his time was coming really soon. Anyway, do you know that he was born to Syrian immigrant father but was put up for adoption because of objection to their marriage?

  • Ryan Dunn Didn’t Survive This Time

    Jackass star Ryan Dunn passed away early monday morning in a fiery car crash that resulted in Dunn and his passenger burnt to death. Here are the pictures of the aftermath of the accident;

    The car mangled among the trees.


  • Mickey consoling Kermit

    Disney made this one image after the death of Jim Henson 21 years ago..

    mickey kermit jim henson

    It’s Mickey Mouse consoling Kermit who was mourning Jim Henson’s passing.

  • Maggie’s First Word was voiced by Elizabeth Taylor

    In memory of the ever beautiful Elizabeth Taylor, here’s a clip from The Simpsons where Elizabeth Taylor voiced Maggie’s first word – daddy.

    Rest In Peace Elizabeth Taylor.

    Check out 100 beautiful pictures of Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Pac Man is Dead

    Someone stumbled upon this skeleton which looks like our dear Pacman – finally the ghosts got to him.

  • Airplane & Naked Gun Tribute

    With the passing away of mr funny man Leslie Nielsen, many tributes came up featuring his funny movies. Here’s a long one, from the movies Airplane and Naked Gun. I’ve always enjoyed the naked gun movies.


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