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  • OK Go – White Knuckles

    OK Go’s latest music video does not disappoint. This time they are working with dogs which is wonderful and remarkable as well!

  • OK Go’s latest breathtaking music video

    OK Go has come up with another gem video, this time timing a giant Rube Goldberg machine with their latest song This Too Shall Pass.

    For its latest video, released on YouTube Monday night, pop band OK Go recruited a gang of very talented engineers to build a huge, elaborate Rube Goldberg machine whose action perfectly meshes with the band’s song, “This Too Shall Pass,” from the band’s new album, Of the Blue Color of the Sky.

    For nearly four minutes — captured in a single, unbroken camera shot — the machine rolls metal balls down tracks, swings sledgehammers, pours water, unfurls flags and drops a flock of umbrellas from the second story, all perfectly synchronized with the song. A few gasp-inducing, grin-producing moments when the machine’s action lines up so perfectly, you can only shake your head in admiration at the creativity and precision of the builders.


    I think the precision timing does really amazes me – the guitar with spoons hanging from it while banging the glass to the song’s tune is pure awesome!

    Watch the video here*


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