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  • Covalent Bond

    So who is Covalent Bond? Is he better than James Bond?

    Actually, a covalent bond is the chemical bond that involves the sharing of pairs of electrons between atoms. Show taken from Australia’s Beauty and the Geek.

  • Nerd on Valentine’s Day

    This guy is patiently waiting for the lady to get drunk.

  • Nerdiest Chick

    Okay maybe this girl can be every nerd’s dream, in addition to the poker champion chick with astrophysics degree.

    This girl balances 15 books on her head, reciting Pi number to the 100th digit while completing the Rubik’s Cube. Wow.

  • This guy recycle his sperm

    This guy says he is recycling his “semen” by swallowing it back after he masturbated them into a cup. He is doing this so that “no unborn children is thrown away”.

    Emmm… okay. I just hope that he’s not that dumb and he’s just seeking publicity. If he is speaking the truth, I just hope he doesn’t make a video of it and call it 1 Guy 1 Cup (to rival the disgustingly bad 2 Girls 1 Cup video).

    In this same video he also says how he sometimes pooped in his pants.

  • Nerd Wall Clock

    A creative clock for maths wizard for showing off. However, even if you don’t know how to solve it you’d know what time it is. For a real wizard, the clock should be a digital display with the numbers replaced by formula like the above – then whenever you look you have to solve the formula.


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