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Samurai Leaf

Someone stumbled upon what seems to be a samurai made by pieces of leaves.


Frost Shadows

Woah – this is beautiful. Frost remains under the shadows of these cars but the other areas have melted away. *Click on the image for a larger version.

Double Rose

What is more beautiful than a rose? A double rose! A beautiful, rare freak of nature.

outdoor escalator

Humans are lazy

Outdoor escalator on a small and beautiful park. Are we that lazy and totally missing the point? This is in Singapore. Another pic; source

Tsunami in Japan video

The images of waters swallowing the land in Japan is just scary, you can actually see cars trying to outpace the wave but I think they lost to nature. I’m glad I wasn’t on...

2010 in 2 minutes

Eirikso took a picture out of his window every day – this is the result.

Fascinating Namba Parks

I remember Malaysia had a “Look East” policy of trying to emulate the Japanese’s own success, without being too dependent on other countries. The Japanese have this drive to be different and are always...