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  • Samurai Leaf

    Someone stumbled upon what seems to be a samurai made by pieces of leaves.


  • Frost Shadows

    Woah – this is beautiful. Frost remains under the shadows of these cars but the other areas have melted away.

    *Click on the image for a larger version.

  • Double Rose

    What is more beautiful than a rose? A double rose!

    double rose

    A beautiful, rare freak of nature.

  • Roots merge with pavement

    An awesome merge – years in the making and still at it.

    tree merge

  • Humans are lazy

    Outdoor escalator on a small and beautiful park. Are we that lazy and totally missing the point?


    This is in Singapore. Another pic;


  • Tsunami in Japan video

    The images of waters swallowing the land in Japan is just scary, you can actually see cars trying to outpace the wave but I think they lost to nature. I’m glad I wasn’t on that ground. Hopefully Japan makes it through and rebuild fast!

  • 2010 in 2 minutes

    Eirikso took a picture out of his window every day – this is the result.

  • Fascinating Namba Parks

    I remember Malaysia had a “Look East” policy of trying to emulate the Japanese’s own success, without being too dependent on other countries. The Japanese have this drive to be different and are always one step ahead of others in terms of innovation and creativity. Not sure if that explains the high number of suicides there but anyway, that’s a different topic.

    Now the Japanese has shown us how they can build something so modern and yet, still make way for nature, something that we Malaysians didn’t learn. Here we bulldoze the rainforests and bush to make way for shopping malls and parking spaces. Every inch is for rent.

    Have a look at Namba Parks, located in Osaka, Japan.

    fascinating namba parks



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