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Dumbass On A Fence

Not really sure how he gets there but getting stuck on a fence in broad daylight, right next to a busy road pretty much sums up his day haha.

Inappropriate naked girl

Check out this picture… even after a few seconds I still didn’t see the truth. I was like, okay a girl is naked behind this other girl and taking picture during a party. Kinda...

How to know your condom size – Malaysian style

Oriental Daily reported that a youth, who asked a salesgirl for help to buy condoms at a convenience shop, dropped his pants and flashed his private parts at her. The 17-year-old had gone to...


Naked danes running in Malaysia

Last week, a hot topic ensued in the media after it was revealed that a reality show from Denmark, Survivor Robinson Ekspeditionen which filmed their latest show in an island off Mersing, Johor subjected...