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  • Digital Photo Frame Indecent Exposure

    Probably the most awkward situation.

  • Naked in the dark

    Well – she said it was dark. Can’t blame her.

    naked in the dark

  • Dumbass On A Fence

    Not really sure how he gets there but getting stuck on a fence in broad daylight, right next to a busy road pretty much sums up his day haha.


  • Google Suggests Something Better

    Why look for one when you can look for more?

  • Inappropriate naked girl

    Check out this picture…

    even after a few seconds I still didn’t see the truth. I was like, okay a girl is naked behind this other girl and taking picture during a party. Kinda inappropriate isn’t it?…. then when I saw some comments on reddit on the picture, then I realise… the girl behind was not naked at all. It was the girl’s chubby arms! OMG.

    Reminds me of this picture too (not sure if I posted it before but I can’t find it, so I post it again)

    naked girl armpit

    Is that her butt or the other girl’s armpit?

  • How to know your condom size – Malaysian style

    Oriental Daily reported that a youth, who asked a salesgirl for help to buy condoms at a convenience shop, dropped his pants and flashed his private parts at her.

    The 17-year-old had gone to the counter and told the salesgirl he wanted to buy condoms at the shop in Kajang on Friday night.

    When the salesgirl asked him the size, he dropped his pants and told her that was the size he wanted.

    When the salesgirl screamed, the youth ran away. He was detained after the salesgirl lodged a police report.


    I’m sure he was a nervous 17-year old virgin and meant no harm when he dropped his pants, besides she was the one who asked what size he wanted haha.

  • People laughed at my naked picture but it was a cold day.

    A naked cheat caught by his lover’s furious husband has distributed pictures of him standing outside on an air-conditioning unit naked.


    The guy has this to say:

    “My family is ashamed and none of my own neighbours will talk to me any more,” said Sun.
    “I know what I did was wrong but I was afraid he would kill me.”
    “People are even laughing at how I look naked – but I have to point out it was a very cold day,” he added.

    I’m sure he has deleted his facebook account by now haha.


  • Naked danes running in Malaysia

    Last week, a hot topic ensued in the media after it was revealed that a reality show from Denmark, Survivor Robinson Ekspeditionen which filmed their latest show in an island off Mersing, Johor subjected its 22 participants to run stark naked on the beach. Only 5 wore underwear, presumably they won immunity or some sort from earlier challenges. One female participant was sent home after refusing to participate in the humiliating scene.

    An official at the Mersing District Council said it had only allowed the filming after telling the producers that they could not have naked scenes on the island as it might offend local residents. Well obviously the producers were hell-bent on defying that law, seeing that no enforcement were in place.

    In fact, the producers got away with it because this only came to light when the show was aired in Denmark.

    Anyway, I bet the island is uninhabited or else the villagers or local residents had a good “free show” and didn’t even complained. The following are the pictures of the participants running naked.

    More pictures after the jump.

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