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  • Seth Rogen talks about Megan Fox rejecting him

    Seth Rogen was laughing his ass-off as Jimmy Kimmel dug up the old video where Megan Fox didn’t let him kiss her in the cheeks.

  • Megan Fox has toe thumbs

    Sometimes you have to pity these celebrities, even the smallest mistakes or flaw can be full page report in a magazine. This flaw however made it to Google trends over the weekend (Google trends keep tracks of what top keywords people are searching for on a daily basis).

    It seems that Megan Fox has a toe-thumb, yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. She has a thumb that looks like a toe.

    megan fox

    Sorite, my eyes will never try to look for that flaw when I watch Transformers 2 soon. She’s still hot though.

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