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Secret to long life

91 year old actor Ernest Borgnine whispered to the show’s anchor his secret to long-life but everyone could hear them (including those on tv) because he has a microphone on his collar. I bet...

sex bench

Never have sex with a bench

A man in Hong Kong nearly lost his penis when he tried to have sex with a sit-up steel bench! The bench has small holes in it, which Xing used in an attempt to...

Avoid H1N1 – don’t masturbate and be straight

A news release by BERNAMA provides some clues on why the H1N1 is winning – people are flocking to eat vitamins when instead masturbation and homosexual activities are helping to spread the virus! This...

Porno Tetris

This video is safe for work but you want to put the volume down if you’re in the office. Anyway, notice how he put his family picture down before watching the video haha.

This guy recycle his sperm

This guy says he is recycling his “semen” by swallowing it back after he masturbated them into a cup. He is doing this so that “no unborn children is thrown away”. Emmm… okay. I...

Fatal masturbation “technique”

A 77-year old man died from complications which started off with him masturbating in a soft drink bottle. A SINGAPOREAN died of heart failure after his penis became stuck in a soft drink bottle,...


Stress Reliever

I know making out is a great stress reliever – mastubarting to relieve stress? Probably will only work half as much making out.