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  • Guy loses thumb, gets toe as replacement

    This guy got his thumb bitten off by an eel in Thailand while feeding them. Luckily the doctors there who have performed thousands of sex change operation, just took one of his toes out and replace the missing thumb. Check it out.

    *Chomping starts at 3:20.

  • Kuroshio Sea

    The Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan is so big that they named it Kuroshio Sea (the largest is Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, US). Kuroshio Sea is ten metres deep, 35 metres wide and 27 metres long.

    Just how big is it? Here’s a nice video that shows the awesomeness of the place. It makes you feel like you’re underwater.

    News link: The fish tank that’s so big it can hold FOUR whale sharks

  • Invisible Octopus

    I found myself watching this over and over again – it’s amazing.


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