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  • Coldplay’s Tribute to MCA of the Beastie Boys

    A class act from Coldplay, playing their rendition of the Beastie Boys’ most notable tunes “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)” as a tribute to MCA, who passed away due to cancer.

  • Probably the only time Elton John sings about new oven

    Check out as Elton John compose a song on the spot after a request from a fan – in this star-studded event.

  • Pop Culture – Madeon

    A really cool mashup as done by a 17-year old French teen – the video below shows all the sampled music.

    See Madeon mashing it live below;

  • Maria Aragon with Lady Gaga on stage

    Dreams are made of these – 10 year old Maria Aragon, a filipino-canadian performed with Lady Gaga on stage in Toronto. All these started after Maria’s video of performing “Born This Way” went viral, which caught Gaga’s attention.

    Maria’s video which led to her performing with Lady Gaga.

  • Cee-Lo Green Performing F-U Live

    A live performance by Cee-Lo Green, with his latest catchy song “Fuck You“, backed by an all-female band. Now that is cool.

  • 4 Chord Song

    A cool performance from Axis of Awesome – the theme of “same chords for every song” has been done by a lot of comedians but I haven’t seen this many yet. Anyway, they are awesome as they could remember and sing all of those different tunes under 5 minutes.

    Check out a different take on this theme by another comedian.*

  • Paint, Exercise and Play Ping Pong.

    This guy is on a treadmill, painting, playing ping pong with an invisible man, hosting a live tv and taking calls! Why? Well why not? Actually, he’s helping people to have creative output for their painting process.

    Some of the calls coming in are not helping him in his cause though, with the first one asked why the invisible man was invisible, suggesting he got raped by Silverlight. While another joked about him being Jewish.

  • Gays make out prank on CNN

    Funny behind-the-reporter prank on CNN live. Wait for it on 0.45. Hilarious.


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