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  • Japanese Kid Plays Soccer Like A Ninja

    Awesome skills! Don’t miss his goal at 2:53.

    If there’s anything this kid should learn, is that soccer is a teamwork game. A lot of the time it seems he depended on himself entirely to get a goal. If he keeps on doing that, his other teammates will slowly drift away and sit at the bench.

  • How to multiply numbers: Japanese style

    Wow – a cool way of using lines and counting the intersections for the results of multiplications.

  • The World Re-arranged as Chinese Zodiac Animals

    Japan’s graphic artist Kentaro Nagai has re-arranged the world’s continents and countries to form the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. Here are my 3 favourite.

    chicken world


    rat animal world

    Check out all 12 of them here and the animated version here.

  • Japanese Hottie in Bikini Eats A Whole Dragon Fruit

    Really. I don’t know the reason she was doing this, whether it was a punishment, for entertainment or just to prove that she can. Whatever it is, we don’t need to know. Just watch her doing her stuff.

    Emmm.. weird, when she was done and was cleaning herself with the tissues, it seems like I’ve just watched a porn clip. Her voice is a littttle annoying though haha.

  • Hatsune Miku – Japan’s 3D Hologram Star

    Check out Hatsune Miku – a japanese hologram star. Watch this, I think we can safely say we have a rough idea of how performers will be like in the future.

    It just looks surreal all those humans singing, cheering to a computer program. You can read more about her here.

  • Japanese Kids Fight Off A Zombie

    When I first saw this video, I was like WTF? Way to traumatize the children permanently.. but actually the background of this tv show is that they grant children’s wishes and this kid’s wish was to fight a zombie.

    I lost it when the reporter say “We must work together or the zombie will eat you” then the kid replied “Don’t say that! You’re not helping at all” while crying haha. Anyway, it just doesn’t feel right laughing while the kids were in fear… but good fight by these kids though.

  • Parkour In A Train

    Cool – a Japanese teen shows how it’s done. *animated gif*.

    Hosted by

  • Japanese Book Teaches the F word

    Poor choice of sentence: Come over to my house and f*ck my sister. . I hope nobody uses that…


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