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  • San Francisco is slanted

    Pictured in San Francisco.

    san franciso slanted house

    Cool eh? Actually the camera was tilted to follow the level of the road which makes this photo an interesting one.

  • House is happy

    I think the house is happy that he’s about to be completed soon!

    house happy face

  • Upside Down House

    Careful when you step inside, you might get maimed by the ceiling fan (if any).

    upside down house

  • A House Fought Back: Fire Destroyed

    Now I wonder what kind of house is that!

  • Amityville House of Horror is up for sale

    Arguably one of the most famous of all horror houses is up for sale. The house in Long Island which became the subject of the movie “Amityville” is in the market at $1.15million. The house made headlines after 6 family members were murdered and the hauntings that supposedly suffered by the next occupants.

    If you are rich, buy the house and make it a horror museum, I’m sure it will be a hit especially at Halloween.


  • BEP’s “I Gotta Feeling” with Christmas Lights


  • Priority

    Probably this is just a fire drill – or probably this was their last day on the job (which will be if they were on an emergency situation), so it’s a remembrance of their tough job.

  • Google map catches house on fire

    google maps catch house on fire

    google maps catch house on fire

    I hope they did stopped and lent a helping hand though.

    Map link


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