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Hitler Gangnam Style

By far, this must be the best Gangnam Style cover. Some of you might be sick of the song already but trust me, this is different. This is Gangnam Style by Hitler himself.

Cute Hitler

Someone attempted to make Adolf Hitler look cute. Still didn’t work – I still can see some evil in those eyes.


Hipster Hitler

A have no comments except to that he looks cool – sucks though he was responsible for the millions of deaths. Picture taken from HipsterHitler.com.


Adolf Hitler can’t have his cake

A young kid given the name “Adolf Hitler Campbell” was denied a birthday cake with that name as the shop says it is inappropriate. ? Deborah Campbell, 25, said she phoned in her order...

Hitler’s First Name

The man trying to answer the question “What was Hitler’s first name?”. I’m sure inside his head all he could remember was “Heil Hitler!” which is exclaimed in unison with a Nazi salute hehehe....