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Grassman is Resting

Looks creepy but a nice natural Halloween decoration in the park though.

Antoine Dodson’s Halloween Costume

Okay this dude is proving to be a shrewd businessman and he’s still not finished. He has unleashed his ‘bed intruder’ costume. Check it out. You can get one for yourself here.

Justin Bieber Pumpkin

Continuing the tradition of making scary faces on the pumpkin, a guy carved Justin Bieber’s face on a pumpkin, enough to scare adults and parents alike. Impressive. He can make money selling these to...


Up-to-date Halloween Costume for asians

If you don’t know who he’s supposed to be then my advise for you is to get out more. Here’s the character :)

Creepiest telephone

A perfect house phone during a halloween party. They should have blood oozing out of the mouth whenever it rings. Wait, the dead guy should be saying “phone.. pick me upppp.. phoneee’.

Childish McCain Supporter

This is just unbelievable, a resident turned “trick-or-treatin” kids away if their parents supports Obama. Sheessh.

Killer Windows – Hallowindow

This is the best halloween “accessory” I’ve ever seen. It comes with the sounds! You can pay and download the files and project it to your window screen! ? ? I like the part...

How to make fake blood at home

Special post for halloween – just in case you want to splash some over your costume. How to make fake blood


Who’s grandma is that?

They say respect your elders and senior citizens but this pic made me LOL.?I hope that’s a halloween costume but it seems not. Probably that’s how Amy Winehouse would look like when she’s old...