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  • This is Halloween by A House

    This is some cool decorative Halloween lights, featuring a house lip-synching to Marilyn Manson’s This is Halloween.

  • When Comp Science students carved a pumpkin

    They will come out crap (to the rest of us) like this:

    computer science

  • Grassman is Resting

    Looks creepy but a nice natural Halloween decoration in the park though.


  • Awesome Headless Halloween Costume

    Cool and scary costume but looks really uncomfortable though.

    halloween headless frankenstein

  • Antoine Dodson’s Halloween Costume

    Okay this dude is proving to be a shrewd businessman and he’s still not finished. He has unleashed his ‘bed intruder’ costume. Check it out.

    best halloween costume 2010

    You can get one for yourself here.

  • Justin Bieber Pumpkin

    Continuing the tradition of making scary faces on the pumpkin, a guy carved Justin Bieber’s face on a pumpkin, enough to scare adults and parents alike.

    Hosted by

    Hosted by

    Impressive. He can make money selling these to screaming teenage girls.

  • Up-to-date Halloween Costume for asians

    If you don’t know who he’s supposed to be then my advise for you is to get out more. Here’s the character :)

  • Creepiest telephone

    A perfect house phone during a halloween party. They should have blood oozing out of the mouth whenever it rings. Wait, the dead guy should be saying “phone.. pick me upppp.. phoneee’.


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