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  • Eva Green’s Ego Search Horror

    Actress Eva Green did a google search for her name and regretted for doing so. She was curious to see what her fans were talking about and were shocked to know they were talking about her breasts.

    The 28-year-old found a chat room dedicated to her and learned that her breasts were the main topic of conversation – and Green has sworn never to look herself up online again.

    She tells Britain’s GQ magazine, “It was when (2003 film) The Dreamers came out and I googled myself. My ego drove me to it. It was an insane thing to do. Then I saw that weird discussion and decided never to do it again. People can get very mean. They get angry even if it’s just a dress you wore that they didn’t like.

    Hmmm – I’ve no mood in discussing about her breasts, so I’ll just look at them.


  • Googling sarcasm

    Every net savvy users would know that you can find answers to your tough questions if you just google it, if it doesn’t work for you that would mean you have been using the wrong keywords. Google is very effective that it is now considered a verb.

    But how many times have you googled something for someone else? Countless I’m sure. Well google for them no more!

    Here’s a site that would sarcastically show someone a flash video of how to use google before it shows the actual results.

    Here’s how to use the site. First, go to, type in your keywords and then forward the link displayed below the box. That’s it.

    Click here for an example


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