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Many of us are statistically gay

Logic by Daniel Sloss is that he’s statistically gay and I think, going by his logic, many of us are gay without us realising it.

Gay Kiss Shock

Either he was shocked that his friend was gay or just shocked that he was on the giant screen – probably he was just relieved it wasn’t him who was kissed.

Takei’s response to McCance

George Takei, the actor who played Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek and a well-known gay activist, responded to anti-gay bully Clint McCance, former Arkansas school board member who called for more gays teens to...


AI Finalist – Adam Lambert is gay

Pictures of Adam Lambert open-mouthed kissing another guy during a festival has fans talking about one of this top vocalist in this year’s American Idol competition. Not only that, there’s also another picture of...


Appropriate Sign in a Gay Hotel

A “You Are Here” sign from a gay hotel in Armsterdam – and your location is right on the anus! Click on the picture above to view in large size. Actually this is just...