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  • Goldfish OMG

    This goldfish is terrified!

    goldfish goin omg

  • Why did the salmon crossed the road

    Other salmons were washed across the road but a few wants to get back to the other side. One actually did.

  • Easiest way to get fish

    Asian Carps attack!

  • When Jackie Chan commands, the fish obeys

    Jackie Chan demonstrating he can command his fish… looks like a catfish.

    If Jackie Chan can train a fish, I shiver to think what Chuck Norris can do.

  • Say Fish! F…. fff…. fffffffffff

    Mwahahahaha.. so funny!

  • Eagle Can’t Get The Trout

    because it is in ice!

    eagle ice trout

    The eagle was like WTH? Who put the fish in this ice??

  • Controversial Swimming Fish Magic

    Check out the synchronized swimming by 6 fish as performed by Chinese magician Fu Yandong.

    Did he feed them magnets? The aquarium is shallow and the fish are not swimming naturally (you can observe the fins). Animal rights group in China are fuming because this was shown live on TV during the Chinese New Year celebration.

  • Nice shot!

    The following shot is perfect. It seems as if the crocodile is playing with its food by magically floating the fish in its mouth.

    crocodile fish


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