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  • Dolphin Collision

    This is something you don’t see often. I always thought the dolphins are already lining up when they jump out of the water one by one but this time, the third dolphin failed.

    *gif animation

    dolphin collission accident

  • The dolphin and the dog

    This video clip is taken at Tory Island where a labrador named Ben and a dolphin named duggie would swim and play together to greet the visitors to their island. So sweet that these animals can play together.

    From what I read, these daily “show” is no longer practised as the dolphin has been moved elsewhere.

    Another video taken by a tourist.

  • Dolphin tried to escape in front of live audience

    Visitors to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in southwestern Japan were shocked when a dolphin of the false killer whale type, leaped out of its enclosure and fell to the floor during a show.

    That should tell us something right? Free Willy!!

    Watch the dramatic events caught on video:

    Some pictures*


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