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  • Smooth Criminal

    Little dog steals food from a much bigger dog. Probably the little dog was like “yo big dog! look here”…

    smooth criminal

  • Coolest Costume For A Dog

    Check out this costume – makes me wish that I have a dog so that I can buy one for it.

    coolest costume for your pet dog

  • Dog Likes Car Perfume

    This is so cute, I mean, just look at the dog’s expression!

    dog perfume

  • Dog Begging for Cash

    This dog knows how to beg for cash. I wonder what will happen if somebody takes the pile of cash.

  • Hairy Dog

    This is what happens when a beauty saloon worker gets bored! :))

    dog hair

  • Dog gets horny during goal celebration

    This dog started humping its owner after Drogba scored the winning penalty during Chelsea’s Champion’s League win.

  • Girl, you’ve got ugly feet!

    and not to mention you have a penis!

    girl with dog body

  • Cutest Mop Ever

    Is this the cutest mop ever or what? Man if I could get this dog, I’d drag him around my room to clean it! Kidding.



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