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  • Men in the baby aisle

    This is true as I do this like every time but I’ve never seen more than 3 clueless daddies at once though.


  • Baby Scored By Daddy’s Evil Laugh

    Awwww…. I feel so angry at the daddy for making this cute baby cry!

    Look at her lips haha.. so cute!

  • All daddy wanted was..

    all daddy wanted

    Funny t-shirt but I pity this accidental kid..

  • Marble run in the room

    This kid has a cool dad, he installed a track around the room for marbles to run. Check it out.

    But the noise is annoying. Can’t turn it on the whole night.

  • Number 1 Dads

    Okay I won’t buy this t-shirt.

  • Computer addict and the baby

    This picture almost look like me – only if it was me, I would have a pillow on the floor in case the baby drops :)


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