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Baby attacked by an alien

Apparently the alien jumped out of its shell and sucked the life out of the human baby hehe. Cute plush alien toy!

The Matrix Animals Fight

Well actually it’s not a fight but this video is just too cute not to post. Look at all those cute little tails wagging as the puppies try to “capture” the cat! The music...


They’re watching you

It’s bad luck if a black cat crosses your path but it’s creepy when a group of black kittens watches you. They’re cute though – I just hope they don’t lose their balance. Not...


Upside down dogs

Not sure how the creator of the UpsideDownDogs.com got the idea but it’s another way to post a picture of your dog in a fun and humourous way – recommended site for dog lovers....

Nyac – the sea otter internet celebrity passed away

Nyac was one of the pair of otters in Vancouver?Public Aquarium that sleeps holding hands with her partner, Milo while floating above the water. Sadly the 20-year old otter?succumbed to chronic lymphatic leukemia in...


The iPhone assembler is a cute asian girl

A new iPhone owner from the UK was surprised to check the contents of the pictures in his new gadget – a set of? pictures (maybe for testing) taken from the factory set showing...

Sleepy Spudge

One cute puppy fighting to stay awake. He looks like myself around 3pm in the office, minus the cute-ness.

Rants on cute puppies

After posting an entry about cats, I just have to blog about puppies! Do you like puppies? Well I do (I like cats too). My best and longest pet dog was named Brainy. Not...