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  • Funny Baby Pigs’ Ears Movement While Sleeping

  • Funny manatee face squash

    Now I know why they look like that.

  • Okay lets roll!

    Look at those flippers! Cute!

  • Scared panda

    Hahaha cute oh!

  • This is why cats and dogs are cool

    Recently on reddit, there were a few picture submissions there featuring different scenarios of cats and dogs interacting. Here are those items with the appropriate titles.

    this is why you don’t mess with dogs

    and this is why you don’t mess with cats

    and this is why dogs are cool..

    and.. this is why cats are supercool crazy.

  • I hate sandcastles

    Hehehe – angry expression but turned cute as shown by this toddler. At least not as creepy as disaster girl (below) which started off a meme.

  • Baby attacked by an alien

    Apparently the alien jumped out of its shell and sucked the life out of the human baby hehe. Cute plush alien toy!

  • The Matrix Animals Fight

    Well actually it’s not a fight but this video is just too cute not to post. Look at all those cute little tails wagging as the puppies try to “capture” the cat! The music is spot on when Neo jumps over all the Agent Smiths.


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