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This is why cats and dogs are cool

Recently on reddit, there were a few picture submissions there featuring different scenarios of cats and dogs interacting. Here are those items with the appropriate titles. this is why you don’t mess with dogs...

Cool A-Z Book

I bet kids would flip this book back and forth, and subconsciously, they’ll learn the alphabet in no time. You can buy this book from Amazon at US$13.57 after discounts!

Washing machine sends twitter status

This guy hacked his old washing machine to inform him when the washing process is done through the network and on to the LED display. Not only that, it also sends a twitter status...

Don’t mess with this guy

If anyone challenge you to an old-fashioned cowboy style gun draw to settle a score, don’t take it. You’d be toast if it were this guy. Shooting at 5 target in 0.88 seconds? Bad-ass.


Easy and fun photo effects

No mood to work on Monday? Why not spend your time playing with some cool and fun photo effects. Here’s Paris Hilton showing the world who she really wants to be caught with in...

Alive Oobleck

What’s oobleck? It’s a popular name referring to a stiff mixture of corn starch and water. The name is taken from one of the children’s author Dr Seuss’ book Bartholomew and the Oobleck. So...

Cool Manual Animation

Another presentation from the internet – a “manual” animation. Go to this website grab the “stripes” from the right and slowly drag to the left side of your screen. I’m sure that took many...