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Nikki Minaj Surprises Little Superbass Rapper on Ellen

The little girl who rapped Superbass on youtube that went viral got the surprise of her life on Ellen DeGeneres’ Show. Watch the performance by little Sophia Grace below and the surprise segment after...

Happy Mongolian Girl

So cute looking at this image of the girl and camel laughing together!

This kid dates older women

The youtube title says that this is Dr Dre but others have debunked this claim because this show was in the mid-80s, when Dre was in his teens. Anyway, still funny to watch.

First Kiss

When these kids all grown up and they’re not together, it will be weird that their first kiss has been viewed 2.9 million times so far.

Dear Sophie

A really nice and touching clip from Chrome…. gawd I miss my kids after watching this.

Playtime becomes gruesome killing

Check out this photoshopped picture of children playing in the muddy waters… it turned the little girl into a ruthless killer!