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  • Speed dating on steroids through chatroullete

    A bunch of guys impressing a girl on chatroullette.. it is true, music can sweep any lady off of their feet!

    However, I have a feeling this is all staged.

  • Kid thought he found where all the naughty girls are on Chatroulette

    A guy pranked the other guy on Chatroullete when he played a youtube video to his camera. It shows a room that became filled with more and more girls dancing and they even brought a dance pole. Just look at the kid’s reaction – I think he was already getting ready to get naked and dance with the girls.

  • Chatroullette Father and Son Reunion

    Fortunately his father is not naked.

    I doubt this is true though as you can see from the other tab on his browser, he was searching for a picture of a shirtless old man. So this is photoshopped.

  • Ashton Kutcher on Chatroulette

    Ashton Kutcher has been found using Chatroulette. Chatroulette is a site where you can initiate a webcam-enabled chat with another random user. After becoming one of the first few celebrity to use twitter and helped the site to attain celebrity status, will he do the same for Chatroulette?

    If a lot of celebrity starts to use that, then I will start to use it too!


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