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  • Lion, the faithful dog

    Aww.. so sweet and sad.

    lion the dog

  • Ronaldinho got fat

    Ronaldinho was left out of the Brazil World Cup squad in the summer, so he went to the beach and buffet table to keep himself occupied.

  • Bearded Robinho

    When Robinho decided to keep his beard during the World Cup tournament in South Africa, his fans didn’t think he looks good. So they started a photoshop campaign, to show him how bad he looks with his beard.

    Here are some of the best:

    Click here for more pictures*

  • Shameful act that got Kaka sent off

    Kader Keita of Ivory Coast should be fined and suspended for duping the referee into sending Kaka off. Here’s a gif animation of the incident.

  • Gross Brazilian footballers’ feet

    While everyone is eagerly anticipating the world cup, let us not forget the physical torture of the footballers themselves put their feet through in kicking those balls and running in those shoes. Ronaldo (the Brazilian one) tweeted a picture showing his and his Corinthians clubmates’ feet without the shoes. They are all currently out injured.

    Guess which one is his?*

  • His chest looks like boobs to us

    But apparently, to Rodrigo Ferraz his chest has the biggest muscle evarr and all guys are jealous of him. Seeing is believing (NSFL: Not Safe For Lunch)!

    How did he get those boobs?*

  • Save water – pee while you’re in the shower

    Unpleasantly true – from a Brazilian tv commercial.


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