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Bird trolling a sleepy cat

These pair of pets are really cute together. You can actually hear the big laughing. I think the cat was saying to the bird “damn you! if our owner is not videotaping this you’d...

Funny Page Vandalism

Can’t really blame the vandal here, the guy’s hair really does look like a bird!

This bird is super cool

This bird does not give an F or it has lost its sense of sight, hearing and fear.

gigantic bird caught on camera

Gigantic Bird Caught On Camera

Unbelievable… a giant bird just past behind the news anchor and he didn’t even know it. You know the next scene was cut because it ate the guy up!

Brid on cheap sale

Judging from the quantity left which is a lot, the price has to go down much, much lower if they want to clear all of them. If you buy this pail, then you might...

Dissappointed Cat

A cat drops down after failing to get the bird.

fish eaten bird


Uh-oh! This is what the emoticons :o stands for (and probably most appropriately?used).