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  • She’s swept off of her feet

    “Okay now turn around and give me a sweet smile.. that waves looks just nice”

  • Beach-theme outfit

    A really cool beach-theme outfit that can be mistaken for camouflage.


  • That’s one really big ..

    Well hope she’s satisfied.

    big dick

  • Don’t Give A F**k

    He just doesn’t give a f*ck!

    not giving a fuck

    Awesome photoshop.

  • Please use chairs that is proportionate to your butt

    A fat guy can’t get off the chair… well at least he has 2 chicks to help him out. I think they’re his sisters, that’s the only logical explanation.

  • No! No! No! Not the sea!

    The owner had to drag his pets to go to the waters haha.

    animals sea

  • Ronaldinho got fat

    Ronaldinho was left out of the Brazil World Cup squad in the summer, so he went to the beach and buffet table to keep himself occupied.

  • Mini Tsunami in Hawaii

    The near-worldwide tsunami warning fizzled out yesterday but still, high-waves did reach Hawaii. An amateur video attached below shows the arrival of the waves, generated from the earthquake in Chile. Even though it’s a mini-tsunami, it looks like it could still hurt someone.


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