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fish cat batman


This scene would make a pretty good horror movie for an audience made up of fish.


Batcat and Batdog

They must be the most un-cooperative and problematic team of superheroes ever! They can’t even be together for a team photo.


Batmobile Limousine

What is cooler than the Batmobile? A stretched out Batmobile Limousine of course! Video of the car on the road after the jump.


Let us name his son Batman

A guy says he will name his soon-to-be born son Batman if the page he created has 500,000 members. As of now it has 198,731 members – almost halfway and I’m here to help...


Hidden Passageway

I think I finally know who are the people responsible for building the secret door connecting Batman’s study room to his Batcave. They can be found on hiddenpassageway.com! Here are some examples of their...

The other debate

In the US, all are glued to the series of debates between Obama and McCain. Obviously the number of views for the videos on youtubes are also sky-rocketing but there’s another debate that is...

DIY Tumbler

Elite Batman fan

A die hard fan of Batman has taken himself high atop of the pile of fans – he made his own tumbler in his garage! He worked all alone and he says by the...