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  • Barack Roll

    Too funny not to post. I like it especially when he “sings” the chorus.

  • Petrol and Obama

    Barack Obama says “inflate your tyres to the optimum level” but McCain’s people are making fun of it. I know Obama is right, not just because he has connection to Sabah but because it is true.

    I even blogged about it back in 2005 (Tips on saving car petrol for dummies), refer to point #4.

    Anyway, now I buy my petrol just enough for the week and I will be extra careful on the last week of August. I guess Malaysians would know by now that there is a high chance that the government will decrease the price of petrol in September in view of the drop in the world’s oil prices.

    I think I will buy my petrol for the last time this month a week before Merdeka – kasi ngam ngam dia.

    Anyway, let’s watch Obama’s video.


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