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Cute Accident

A really cute pug was trying to push the ball into the pool. Hope its okay!

This is why you need to keep your head down

I think these kids were getting punished for something (losing a game maybe) and this one kid doesn’t want to bend down, probably just to see how bad the girl will kick the ball....

Baby Elephant With Ball

When is elephant cute? When it’s a baby and plays with a ball… awwwwwww

Old School Computer User

A tech support receives this from his office – apparently the mouse is not working because the ball is missing. If you don’t know what mouse’s balls the note is talking about then you...

You don’t want to trip here

such narrow steps, if you drop your ball or something bouncy it will go all the way to the ground. I bet if you fall or trip from the top, you’d end up at...


Ball-to-the-face flying kick

Cool – now I know where NOT to stand when someone wants to do this trick.

Awesome Female Freestyler

Her name is Melody Donchet from France. He skills? Freestyle football. Prepared to be awed.