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Creepy Elmo Stare

Looks like Elmo is staring in a creepy manner.. waiting for everyone to go to sleep before he strikes! This looks like a scene straight from Child Play, featuring Chucky!

Baby Not Afraid of Zombie

Either this baby is not afraid or he thinks he is their leader and they are there to protect him.

Meet Baby For The First Time

Seaman: Baby? What Baby? Okay.. 14 months… 9 months to get pregnant.. ok wait, maybe the caption was referring to the woman? :P

Baby Scored By Daddy’s Evil Laugh

Awwww…. I feel so angry at the daddy for making this cute baby cry! Look at her lips haha.. so cute!


Awww – A Little Angle

It’s even funnier that it seems the mother didn’t realise her mistake after the sarcastic comment.

Baby Shark!!

Is this the cutest baby shark ever? Well I guess the correct term is baby in a shark costume.

Kid Eating Cat’s Tail

A cute baby trying to eat a cat’s tail. Why is this parent letting the baby swallow cat fur?

Baby Photobomb

Baby did a meta photobomb.

Cutting the Baby Cake

There’s something quite not right with the baby cake, actually any cake that resembles something alive for that matter. Last year when my daughter was turning 2 and I was in the cake store...