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  • Baby Arms

    Funny baby arms – maybe it’s a toy :P

    baby arms

  • Creepy Elmo Stare

    Looks like Elmo is staring in a creepy manner.. waiting for everyone to go to sleep before he strikes!

    elmo creepy

    This looks like a scene straight from Child Play, featuring Chucky!

  • Baby Not Afraid of Zombie

    Either this baby is not afraid or he thinks he is their leader and they are there to protect him.

    zombies baby

  • Meet Baby For The First Time


    Seaman: Baby? What Baby?

    Okay.. 14 months… 9 months to get pregnant.. ok wait, maybe the caption was referring to the woman? :P

  • Baby Is Switching Between Smiling and Sleeping

    omg this is so cute! The baby is taking some power naps in between smiling session for the camera!

  • Baby Scored By Daddy’s Evil Laugh

    Awwww…. I feel so angry at the daddy for making this cute baby cry!

    Look at her lips haha.. so cute!

  • Awww – A Little Angle

    It’s even funnier that it seems the mother didn’t realise her mistake after the sarcastic comment.

  • Baby Shark!!

    Is this the cutest baby shark ever? Well I guess the correct term is baby in a shark costume.

    baby shark costume


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