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  • Dick Dukem

    Voice of God (Morgan Freeman) is probably trolling the sound guy while recording some audio for Duke Nukem. Hilarious!

  • Star Trek Redubbed

    I was laughing my ass of on this video – hilarious how they put words that fit with their lips.

    More of their videos here.

  • Bale’s outburst in techno remix

    A few months ago, Christian Bale went berserk over a VPĀ  on the “Terminator 4″ set. In recent days, it was revealed that the audio of the intense episode was recorded and now has been widely distributed over the net.

    You can listen to the audio here or here if you prefer to see his face while listening to the audio.

    As usual, people will make remixes out of it and here’s top of the lot. Caution – many, many expletives.

    Not enough? Here’s a soundboard of all of Bale’s lines.


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