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Bed Intruder Christmas Carol

The Liberty University choir does a beautiful Christmas carol rendition of ?The Bed Intruder Song.? The best bit comes in at 3:30 mark. This shows just how the meme is expandable to cover many...

Antoine Dogson

No, the typo was intentional.. because of this picture. It seems that the Antoine Dodson Halloween costume is picking up.

Antoine Dodson’s Halloween Costume

Okay this dude is proving to be a shrewd businessman and he’s still not finished. He has unleashed his ‘bed intruder’ costume. Check it out. You can get one for yourself here.

Lock Your Car, Take Your Keys

Hide Your Belongings.. .. cuz they be rapin everyone round here. This sign is riding on Antoine Dodson’s warning meme.


Rapist in Linkin Park

Well looks like not only Antoine Dodson became famous, he has dragged Linkin Park’s reputation through the mud as well. Someone needs to know why people are saying there’s a rapist in Linkin Park…...

antoine dodson

Antoine is moving out of the projects

Well – Antoine “they’re rapin everybody out here” Dodson has gotten enough money from the sale of his auto-tuned song and tshirts to move his family out of the projects! Woah… I think karma...


Antoine Dodson Doll

A doll is being sold on eBay, featuring internet viral celebrity Antoine Dodson. Hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your husband cuz they might want to buy this doll!

Antoine Dodson Best Remix

This remix of Antoine Dodson (of this viral video) was nicely done and I think it deserves a special mention here.