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Bear Rug, The Director

Cool advertisement. If any bear rug can stand up and walk, or even talk, I think the most it wants to do is take revenge on its killer.

To Michael!

This video ad will surely get any gamer’s heart pumping! One of the best video game commercial ever. Here’s to Michael! In case you don’t get it, the video is about game characters from...

Depressing Ad

An ad that is trying to get into the perspective of those suffering from anorexia bullimia. Shocking and depressing, people like these has deep issues with their body and should get professional help.

Angry Birds Live

This is so cool – I wish I was there dancing to the tune of the game and watching large size of the game being played out! Check out behind the scenes below;

Human Curling

This sport can become real since they have willing sponsors, in the form of shaver and cream makers. However for me, I’d only watch it if the humans were females… and topless! Haha.

Thanks for informing us IKEA

IKEA afraid their customers will have large expectations – so they have to state that the image is not an actual size representation.