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  • Old Spice – Bounce

    Funny ad from Old Spice who ‘invaded’ another commercial.

    LOL at the muscle wink.

  • Graffiti Removal Hotline

    Yeah – with an advert like that, it’s just an open invitation for graffiti artists to make fun of it.

  • Bear Rug, The Director

    Cool advertisement.

    If any bear rug can stand up and walk, or even talk, I think the most it wants to do is take revenge on its killer.

  • To Michael!

    This video ad will surely get any gamer’s heart pumping! One of the best video game commercial ever. Here’s to Michael!

    In case you don’t get it, the video is about game characters from different titles giving praise to their human player, Michael.

  • Best invention in the world but don’t let your girlfriend see this

    Cool invention – a soundproof phone booth that teletransports you to another environment.

  • Depressing Ad

    An ad that is trying to get into the perspective of those suffering from anorexia bullimia. Shocking and depressing, people like these has deep issues with their body and should get professional help.

  • Super Awesome Snake On A Bus Advertisement

    Whoah! This advertisement is cool! Click on the image below to view in large size!

    awesome advertisement bus

  • Angry Birds Live

    This is so cool – I wish I was there dancing to the tune of the game and watching large size of the game being played out!

    Check out behind the scenes below;


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