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  • Scariest Photo Bomb

    This has got to be the best and scariest photobomb I’ve seen haha.

    scariest photobomb

  • Future of Music Videos?

    This has got to be the future! The following video lets you choose to see how drunk the band is while performing their song. You can even change cameras!

    The tragic thing about this whole thing is they sound the same even when drunk – not sure if their music is bad or they are just good artists.

  • Black Man vs 3 Ghost Peppers

    Kids – don’t try this at home! A black dude tries one of the hottest chili in the world.

  • Start Wandows Ngrmadly

    Looks like Wandows is workng Ngrmadly!

  • Unattended Children

    This is why you should never leave your children unattended in a shopping mall.


  • Awesome Ping Pong

    Imagine if the chinese players get a hold of this ping-pong tube. All kungfu skills will come out!


  • Never A Bad Time For A Solo Air Guitar

    This picture looks awesome.

    awesome air guitar

  • What LEGO is

    This is why LEGO is awesome.

    lego six pack awesome


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