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  • Why Doc McStuffin is banned in this house

    Is this a good reason to ban the hit Disney show Doc McStuffin from their family viewing?


  • Appropriate Gift Idea for a Bad Golfer

    This is a really good idea for a gift to someone who is bad in golf. A custom note on the ball just like what Andy did to his.


    Well according to the guy who found this ball he only has this to say “Thanks Andy!”

  • Damn He’s Good

    You know there’s nothing worse than wearing a t-shirt that says “Damn I’m Good” and driving your expensive car into the ditch.


    Wait – there is. Getting yourself photographed in the said accident and having it spread online haha.

  • Traffic Jam Stress English-style

    A compilation video of this guy’s stress over the traffic in England. Really gives a good chuckle!

  • Creepiest Mushroom

    This mushroom can be a cheap and natural Halloween decoration. It looks like a zombie digging himself out of the ground!



    This mushroom was pictured in someone’s back garden in Indonesia and it’s creepy as hell!


  • Brave Sikh Boy Records Video of him Being Racially Abused

    A young sikh boy who was being abused by his peers in the schoolbus recorded a 45 seconds of being called “afghani terrorists”. Looks like he can take it by saying “I don’t care” but this just makes me sad.

    Parents – teach your kids of not becoming a race bigots. They didn’t even know the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim! Sheesh.

    Stay strong kid!

  • The Last Game

    A cool video from Nike featuring the likes of Rooney, Ronaldo, the “old” Ronaldo, Ribery, Luiz and a few more. Something to whip your appetite for the World Cup 2014 happening in a few days!

  • How to make your car cooler

    So what happens if your car’s airon is broken and you have an unused aircon at home?

    This is how you do it!


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