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  • Pants Bra

    Okay this picture makes me wonder how is she wearing her bra covering her private parts? My head hurts.

    Probably she got confused “sports bra” with “shorts bra”.

  • Here Comes The Rape

    Actually, it should read “Here comes the rope”. An unfortunate design.

    here comes the rape rope

  • This can’t be healthy

    Maybe this is cute for some but for me, this is just over-the-top look for a dog. Look at the picture, even the dog doesn’t look like it’s comfortable with its own image.

    over the top dog

  • The best place to keep shoes

    I wonder how bad that fridge smells.

  • Falling off a cliff: View from the inside

    Check out this spine-chilling video taken from inside the race car that fell off a cliff.

    And this is how it looks like from the outside.

    Miraculously both the driver Jeremy Foley and passenger survived the crash without any life-threatening injuries.

  • Someone is confused with the 3 Armstrongs

    Can someone be this ignorant and/or stupid? Probably just a clever troll.

    Learn them;
    Neil Armstrong has just passed away.
    Lance Armstrong the cyclist was stripped of his title.
    Louis Armstrong was the great jazz trumpeter.

  • It is really hot in Iraq

    A video of soldiers walking on asphalt road in Iraq on a really hot, sunny day.

    At first, I thought their shoes were melting but actually it was the tar on the road that was melting. Man these soldiers must be sweating inside those uniform and carrying their heavy gears.

  • Home Alone Realisation

    I have to agree with this – Macaulay Culkin is turning from one cute kid to one ugly dude (in this picture anyway). He looked like a druggie in this horrifying image.

    macaulay culkin becoming old man


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