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  • How to cut an apple

    Don’t do this without any practise.

  • The new Voice of God

    John Foushee has a bright future – unless he wakes up one day and his voice changed, just like his voice went deeper in one night too.

    Check out our entry on the original Voice of God.

  • Tattoo and birthmark: Cool Pairing

    This is actually pretty cool and not everyone can do it. A baby got a birthmark on her/his hand and the mother decided to tattoo an identical design on her hand.


  • Good Neighbour

    I don’t mind having this neighbour next to my house! In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, when only sections of houses have power, this neighbour decided to share his power.

    Hope he gets karma in life!

  • Taking A Stand on Domestic Violence

    This anchor in Hawaii decided to take a stand against domestic violence by shaving his head every time it happens. He started this when his friend was killed in a domestic violence.

    Good for him to raise such awareness and he got emotional in the middle of it, but he remained cool and calm throughout.

  • Cool Man United Halloween Pumpkin

    Wow – obviously this took a lot of effort!

    That is a Manchester United emblem carved on a pumpkin.

  • Fifth Element Costume

    Fifth Element costume done right.

    This is based on the character Leelu, played by Milla Jovovich.

  • Punk Santa

    One word – cool!


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